History of the Andy & Susan Moore Collection

It all began in the summer of 1969 when a friend suggested they go antiquing.  Since Andy was a banker it was only natural to start collecting penny banks.  They found their first bank in the third antique shop they visited.

By Christmas of 1969 their collection had grown considerably.  However, they would later discover that many of those early finds were reproductions.  By 1971 they discovered the Chicago Toy Show and met fellow still bank collectors Bruce & Blossum Abell.  In 1972 they joined the Still Bank Collectors Club of America (“SBCCA”).  They attended their first Still Bank Convention in the spring of 1973.  There they met so many wonderful people that shared their passion for still banks.

In their book, “The Penny Bank Book” they talk about building a collection, toy shows and conventions and the dissolution of Burt Whitings famed still bank collection in 1972.  Andy talks in detail about how that collection was sold and how those banks were cast to the winds.

It was not easy for Susan and the Moore children to come to the decision to sell these banks.  She takes great comfort in the knowledge that these banks will go to collectors that share her and Andy’s collecting passion.

In this catalog we have highlighted the banks (both still and mechanical) that come from the Andy & Susan Moore Collection and where appropriate listed the banks reference number in the Penny Bank Book (PBB#).  

It is a privilege for us to sell these banks.










The Bill Robison Collection
Bill has been a longtime member of both the MBCA and SBCCA Collectors clubs. He bought his first mechanical bank in 1969 at the Walter Henry sale. In 1971 he joined the MBCA (Mechanical Bank Collectors of America) being sponsored by Al Davidson. He was President of the MBCA from 1979 - 1981 and Editor of the Mechanical Banker in 1978 and 1979. Bill was the first person ever to be President of both the MBCA and SBCCA. Lastly, over the years Bill has worked on several price guides for the MBCA and provided all of the technical information for the “Variations of Cast Iron Banks” booklets published by the MBCA.
The RSL Partners all know Bill & Jean Robison since the early 1980’s. They have loved collecting these banks and the time they spent with people who shared this passion. Over the years Bill has always been willing to answer questions for us, help mentor us and most importantly been a cherished friend. It is truly an honor for us to sell their banks.


The Richard Garthoeffner Collection

Rich Garthoeffner began buying mechanical banks in the late 1960’s. Along with his wife Pat, Rich built up an antiques business that is recognized throughout the United States for dealing in the very highest quality of early toys and banks, textiles, folk art and Americana.  Because every great dealer is also a great collector, this small pristine group of banks from the Garthoeffner Collection represents some of the choice examples they retained for themselves. One might describe them as the fruits of his rigorous pursuit for beauty and quality.



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