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Getting The Best Logistics Service Singapore Despite The Project Size

To get the logistics service Singapore youmighthave to contact Pollisum. This company is known for having high wealth of experience whenit comes to global logistical solutions designingfor different purposes such as the multi-modal transportation of oversized and heavy cargos. We arecertain and at the same time ready to meet all your global logistical requirements. With our experience in this field, we can assist you at optimal despite how complex or challenging the project might be. AtPollisum, delivery of secured, handled, supervised and escort cargo  is done efficiently, fast and at an affordable price. We are the number one when it comes to logistics service singapore.


In our company, we give our valued customers the best integrated services like transportation, lifting of heavy materials and freight forwarding. We offer all these engineering solution consultation you might ever think of. Our commitment to render reliable engineering solutions, and delivering innovative with passion and experience is a key to achieve our mission.

What We Do

As earlier stated, some of our services are:

  • Warehousing

We achieved this by providing a storage location for transported cargoes after clearance from the custom. We store the materials in these cargoes at our quality warehouse for temporary storage.

  • Air freight

Through flexibility and high performance, we meet your need airfreight forward logistics service need. We give affordable optionto meet your ever changing requirements.

Other services we render include land transportation, heavy lifting and others.