Croxy proxy

Proxy made simple using croxy

Croxy proxy is the most reliable, advanced and secured web proxy server worldwide. The main reason behind the success of the croxy proxy is that it supports all kinds of video sites, mail services, search engines, social networks, video, audio hosting and much more. All these features are made available with high secured and unblocked encrypted connections. Any kinds of video irrespective of its format are supported by the croxy proxy server. Full streaming of the video without any loss of compressions and quality is made proxy through the croxy proxy server.

If you are tired of using VPN, then croxy proxy is there for you to make all the functionalities similar to VPN and in a better and organized manner. The friendly configuration service of the proxy provides you the free of charge and acting as a browser proxy without any configuration. The technologies adopted by the croxy proxy are purely a different technology. It stands away from the other proxy service by making use of unique technologies. It also makes you ease by acting as a perfect proxy for YouTube and other video sites. A variant feature of using single web page is rather than multiple pages to pass the traffic from your sites to the server.

proxy server

Secured proxy makes your job easy

The fingerprint technology gets fooled as your web proxy is a regular HTTPS traffic. To make yourself comfortable with the environment and get used to the server, the croxy proxy offers you the basic version of online proxy which is completely free of charge. Not many companies provide you the free of access to its service, especially proxy service companies. But the croxy proxy moves ahead and provides you that. The friendly nature of the proxy server makes you feel comfortable when using the service. Advertisements and other ignoring pop ups are completely removed in the proxy server. This makes you to focus much on the task rather than clicking close on every advertisement.

It prevents from theft of your data by using some secured encryption that are certified and tested under various standards and feature capabilities. The proxy server is supported under by most modern browsers and all versions. The ability to withstand in the online world without any diversions are made possible only through the web croxy proxy web server. Hardware and software has never been a problem to the proxy server, it can work with any software and operating system using limited space and power. The working of the croxy proxy can be explained simply by assuming that the traffic data flowing through the virtual pipe which makes the data and traffic free from the other network resources.