5g and children

Knowing About the Harmful Effects of 5G Today

Technology has become advanced these days. With each passing year, discoveries are happening and scientists are reaching new extremes of success in science.  Thus, technology is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Without it, doing a single work would become tough. However, everything has a good and a bad side. Technology is no exception. It has a lot of disadvantages. Today, the harmful effects of 5g shall be discussed.

What is Meant by 5G?

Followed by 4G, 5G is the latest available network for mobiles. It was discovered quite recently and only a few phones have this facility. This mobile network has greater proficiency and speed, enabling users to experience better calls. The launch of 5G will boost the global economy. It is expected to created millions of new jobs in the upcoming future. Apart from that, many other benefits shall be experienced.

Discussing the Cons

Just like other technological advancements, 5G has its disadvantages. Let’s discuss all the harmful effects of 5g:

  • 5G consists of the production of high-frequency radio waves. Now, these waves have harmful effects on humans.
  • Various diseases like cancer, reduced fertility, headaches etc. occur due to these waves.

The future of 5G is something unknown. Despite doing research and efforts of predicting the future, nothing has been confirmed for sure. Thus, the only thing we can do is to wait and watch the new 5G future unfold in front of us. Let’s hope for the best!