A useful guidance for configuring the router

In the industry of global and internet communications, networking plays the crucial role to build the interactions. Just like the World Area Network, most of the businesses have used the LAN or home connection to make the communications between the computers. In order to setup such connection, IP addresses are highly needed. The IP addresses are set down in default on the router and it should be changed by logging into it. You can reach the login page through the admin tool or even through the browser. Now, you are going to see how to setup the username and password of the network in clear.

Configuring the router

When it comes to configuring the router’s IP address, you should follow some procedures and let’s see about it here.

  • You should set up your browser initially and type on the address bar. Make sure you have typed the correct numbers on the address tab.
  • If you have typed correctly, the window will redirect you on the Admin’s tool login page.
  • On the login page, you need to manage your router by providing some details like username and password.
  • This default user name and password is denoted on the router’s manual while purchasing and so you can use it.
  • When it is logged on, you can change the username and password as you like for your future reference.
  • In case, the login detail doesn’t work properly, you can reset the router to its factory settings.

In this manner, you can change the username and password of the router by opening the login page. Well, login process of is very easy and after getting the access to the admin tool, you can make various changes on the router to do the networking operations.