Print a perfect t shirt for you

T-shirt quote fonts: When you are planning to design your t shirt, it is important to find the perfect font for it. The font will be suitable for the message you have decided to write in your tee. For instant if you want to write a funny quote, you have to select the font which gives the funny feel. This will also help you to stand out of the crowd.

Tracking: it is important to take care of the spacing in between the letters in a word, sentences or sometimes a selected range of sentences. The extra or uneven spacing will destroy the look of the t shirt and looks unprofessional. This tracking will helps you to keep the letters in a word or sentences in a proper order.

Kerning: This is similar to tracking, but a small difference is, instead of adjusting the average spacing between lines, it can only adjust the spacing between two words.

Line spacing and breaking: It should be very important to look at the line spacing and breaking. It would help others to read the quote correctly. This line breaking is very important when it comes to t shirt quotes.

Additional tips: Once you have wrote the complete quotes look at your design upside down and in the mirror which reflects your image and wordings. If you found any spacing try to fix them quickly.

It is better to print the design in a paper before printing it in a t shirt. This will helps you to avoid mistakes in printing. After completing all these steps you can print your image and wordings in the t shirt. It is better to buy the best totoro shirt online, which will be perfect for you. You can get different types of shirts online and you can select the perfect one for you.