fire protection equipment rockland county ny

Fire equipment and how they protect you

Fire equipment is on the market to distinguish between different types of selective fire classification. According to government information studies, almost 110,000 fires occur in buildings every year, and about 650 people die as a result of these incidents. In addition to loss of life, fire damage includes millions of capitals for property damage, loss of industry and other claims for compensation. Currently, companies must measure the risk of fire. The government sets the rules for driving and measuring the fire risk of buildings based on their specific legislation.

These rules include the following equipment for more reliable and valuable protection to reduce individual and economic losses. These are the following fire fire protection equipment rockland county ny:

One of them is an automatic fire alarm system

This device is designed to detect unnecessary fires by monitoring the environmental changes associated with burning. Fire is inherently a chemical and exothermic reaction between fuel, heat and oxygen. Usually it is also classified as automatic, manual or both. This device was used to warn people of the need to leave in case of fire or other emergency, to ask for help in case of natural disasters and to prepare adequate systems to control the smoke and fire zone.

Second, a fire extinguishing system

These sprinkler systems are usually installed in commercial buildings, department stores, warehouses and other related buildings. They are located mainly in the roof area and are equipped with a water pump system and a tank or tank. A sprinkler system helps reduce the development of fire. Typically, building codes determine the need to install these sprinklers and / or can be offered by insurance companies to reduce property losses. But if building codes do not establish how fire sprinklers work, the code regularly makes them extremely useful as an additional system.

fire protection equipment rockland county nyThere are two types of sprinkler systems, namely sprinkler systems for wet and dry pipes. Wet pipe sprinkler systems are usually installed more frequently than all other types, since it is mostly reliable, simple and involuntary. Sprinklers practically do not need components that work and do not have an automatic alarm verification regulator. Unlike dry pipe sprinkler systems, this can only be used in places where the immediate surrounding area may be cold enough to solidify the water in the wet pipe system, exposing a system that is not treatable. Dry pipe systems are commonly used in non-intensive buildings or in refrigerators.

Currently, fire protection products are commonly used for their respective safety. In case of fire, safety measures are taken, namely: First turn on the fire alarm. Second, say or call the fire department. Third, try to put out the fire. Fourth, leave the place. Fifth, tell others. Finally, keep a safe distance from the fire.