Fit healthy self-cooked meals

Fit healthy self-cooked meals into your hectic daily routine

Dinnerly offers a vast choice of healthy, organic recipes and ingredients so that cooking a balanced meal is no longer a herculean task

These days, it seems almost impossible to fit cooking to our ‘a thousand miles per hour’ lives. Let alone cooking healthy, nutritious meals from long, complicated recipes that require numerous, rare ingredients. After a 10 hour day of meetings and bringing and getting your children from school and after school activities, it’s completely understandable you don’t feel like spending hours doing groceries and trying out new recipes. As a result, we stick to the same, simple dishes we’ve been having for the past fifteen years. Or, even worse, we’ll tell our children to order something, which most likely won’t be anything healthy.

Thanks to the online service Dinnerly, hectic lives and nutritious, self-cooked meals on weekdays is no longer a paradox. This online strives for sustainability and consumer comfort. With Dinnerly, you’ll be able to prepare a healthy dish without error.

Dinnerly in a nutshell

Dinnerly is the cheapest meal kit service so far: $13 per meal, including the $8,99 shipping fees. Dinnerly’s recipes are unique, yet not weird, meaning there’s no need to worry that children won’t eat them. Their most popular dishes include the ‘chicken & pepperoni relish’ and the ‘pock & shumai meatballs.’

Have fun cooking

Dinnerly, what’s in it for you?

1.Save time and money

Dinnerly is both time and cost-efficient. It offers a wide range of recipes, of which the ingredients will be sent to the customers’ home. This means you’ll no longer have to stroll down markets or grocery isles looking for ingredients without even knowing if they’ll actually work. When ordering with Dinnerly, you’ll be sent the correct product and the correct amount of it. You’ll no longer waste time measuring and weighing salt or flour.

Also, it will be delivered quickly, but the exact time depends on your location. Unlike its competitors, Dinnerly embraces simplicity in every possible way. All of its recipes are online, and it works with fewer ingredients, making it even more user-friendly.

2.Have a healthier diet

In our day and age, meat is often full of antibiotics, hormones, and harmful chemicals, which also applies to fruit and vegetables. That’s why we value organic food is appreciated more than ever before and explains why vegan recipes are on the rise. Dinnerly offers organic foods and vegan options.

3.Have fun cooking!

As mentioned above, cooking can be very time-consuming. In fact, trying out new recipes can be pretty frustrating if you’re not a Michelin star chef. With Dinnerly, you’ll no longer have that problem, and you may just discover that you’ll really enjoy cooking if you start off following these recipes. If it doesn’t require too much focus or mental maths, cooking can actually be a very relaxing moment after a long day of work, which allows you to spend some quality time with your family. With Dinnerly, it’s as easy as it gets: the right amount of all the ingredients is there, so all you need to do is follow the simple steps. You’ll soon find that delicious, nutritious meals aren’t that hard to make after all. Also, you’ll soon discover the health benefits you’ll gain with Dinnerly’s organic meals.