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How to choose the most suitable style for your home?

You must make a choice and do not know if you prefer traditional or contemporary homes or even if you want it on one level or on the same level. You must know that many factors come into play, including price, aesthetics, functional abilities, geographical constraints but especially your tastes. Here are some tips for choosing the style of your home. Click here to know when is the best time to go to bali.

Traditional or contemporary?

The traditional house or Provencal house, for the inhabitants of the south, is distinguished not only by its style but also by the materials used. Indeed the main characteristic of the traditional house is its simplicity. Originally designed with stone, plaster and terra cotta, it is now possible to play with more modern materials to give this touch of news. The choice of joinery also defines the style of the house, for a traditional style, we opt for wood shutters. Go to this site to know when is the best time to go to bali.

On one level or on one floor?

You do not know yet if you want a house on one level or on one floor? Know that both models have their advantages; you define your needs to choose what will be best for you.

First of all it is necessary to know that the house on the same level has the coast at the new owners because it is appreciably easier to arrange than a house with floor. Indeed when there is a floor it will take into account a staircase more or less important. The volumes are also important in a house on one level and you will have the opportunity to move easily from room to room.

bali villas

Then, the house on one level is perhaps easier to arrange but it is also more difficult to delimit living spaces (day / night, parents / children, etc. …) because everything is at the same level. Finally, for a large living area, the house will use a large part of the garden. It will therefore calculate your available surface and set your priorities accordingly. Is the garden part important for you? Or instead you prioritize a large interior instead?

Two-stored house

On the other hand, the two-stored house also has advantages not to be overlooked. First of all from an aesthetic point of view, since from the outside the two stored house has an interesting design because it plays on volumes. You may also have a larger house on a smaller lot area. Indeed the living space will grow in height to leave you a whole lot to shape. In terms of living rooms, there too you can organize everything as you wish. You can arrange the space as you wish, for example to make a night side up and a side day down.

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