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Proxy Service: How to Browse Through a Restricted Website

Browsing any websites smoothly without revealing your identity is now possible. The means of alternative browsers are skyrocketing these days. If you are in trouble with your current server, using proxies service might be a solution for you. But keep in mind that no server suits all so, make the best choice and know what exactly you need.

The use of a proxy server is beyond hiding your identity, you can also use the service to be able to access region-locked content. In short, you have the freedom of accessing any websites as you are untraceable. But choosing a proxy need quality and performance speed, so learn about a good proxy service.

free proxyWhy Use Proxy Servers?

Basically, an anonymous proxy browser helps to increase your privacy on the web. This service actually works by hiding your public IP address and access different public addresses. You can rout any websites and get through all the content blocks from certain locations. Specifically, you will get a valid IP address for that country with a supported server. There will be no reason for that certain site to block your request as you are using a valid server to load the pages. And on some extent, this will improve your privacy as you are browsing smoothly on any sites.

Proxy Improves Privacy

Some proxy servers allow you to hide your IP address or use a completely different one, while others will let you disable cookies or user data depending on the features offered. Most provide utmost privacy to browse any web pages without getting blocked. In short, you can go through and scrape any websites without tracking your history or tracing your locations. A proxy is useful as a gateway to access the blocked website when you are in a restricted network.

There are also some proxy services that provide you with a unique IP address to set up in your web browser. With this server, you can then surf the net freely, but you are likely browsing through the proxy service’s Internet connection. This version or server usually allows for a stronger connection to savor the service.


The use of proxy browsers is useful if you are trying to connect on restricted sites. For most cases, you are using another IP address to browse the web wherever it is in the world. You can access any other website the same as how you did with your usual network. The only difference is that you are completely anonymous and that you are browsing through a once restricted site.