continuing professional development

What is CPD and Care for the Public?

 When a driving instructor passes a three-part qualifying exam, he is granted the status of an approved driving instructor and then has the right to charge students for the lessons by showing the official badge on the windshield of the car. This is the basic minimum requirement for those entering the industry, and the only rating recognized by the general public. While many driving instructors undergo additional training such as cle, there is no way to inform the public about these additional qualifications.

There is no solid basis for CPD or what this additional preparation should be:-

A press release from the Driving Agency states that it can be anything that will improve your educational results or your business skills, including reading an article in a magazine. Of course, this is not enough, as most instructors will read an article about driving, but the public is unlikely to consider this a professional development. Something more measurable is required, and the ability to publicize the achievements to the public is essential to gain the well-deserved advantage of the market.

continuing professional developmentThere are many refresher courses for a driving instructor, usually conducted by driving associations, but some are individuals and companies. They usually work on weekdays and must be paid by the person taking the continuing professional development course. This means a day off for an instructor who suffers financial losses and possible inconvenience for students. Travel expenses should also be taken into account. If an instructor attends these training days, it would be reasonable to assume that as a result there will be some advantage in the market, but this is definitely not the case.