What Is The Tabernacle Of The Testimony And The History Of The Shincheonji Church? 

The tabernacle of the testimony is said to be the major source of describing the biblical book of exodus. This can mainly include fh3 25-31 exodus and 35-40. These are the passages in the book that can explain the inner sanctuary called the holy of holies. It can be created through the veil that is suspended through the four pillars. The sanctuary can contain the Ark of Covenant. The word tabernacle also derived from tabernaculum. This word means tent and hut that can represent the ancient Roman religion. This is a ritual structure. This word is also a sanctuary that is used for the biblical tabernacle. The tabernacle of the testimony is taught in the Shincheonji church.

Shincheonji church

The Shincheonji church was founded by Lee Man-hee. The founder of the church, Lee, was born in the year 1931. He was an active member of the Olive Tree club from the years 1957-1967. He became the first member of the Tabernacle Temple in 1966. In 1984, he founded the Shincheonji church and then opened the first temple in the Anyang, Gyeonggi Province.

Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

The church has over 120,000 members today. By June 1990, the membership of the club grew, and then Zion Christian Mission Center was built and established in Seoul. The membership was further divided into Twelve Tribes in 1995. This was done based on geographic territories. The headquarters were then shifted to Gwacheon in 1999.

This church has been growing a lot ever since its establishment, and many people are getting attracted by what it stands for. In 2013, NGO the Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light was established that also included non-Shincheonji members. In the following years, the church obtained a special consultative status. This status was founded in 2017, at the United Nations Economic and Social Council.