btc to usd

Why use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary form of digital currency (think of e-dollars, e-dinars, e-dirhams, etc.) designed for a world where physical boundaries count less and less, btc to usd and where the Internet is playing an increasingly important role.

Fast and Free

Bitcoin is fast and free. Sending and receiving bitcoins btc to usd is very quick, convenient, and almost free. Bitcoin is like email for money: instead of sending messages, you send money. You just have to enter the Bitcoin address of your friend or store as well as the amount, then click on “send.” It is done! Your friend will receive the bitcoins in seconds, and you no longer have to stay days or disburse the high cost charged by banks and extra payment services.


Bitcoin is secure. It is based on an advanced algorithm with military-level security (or cryptography). Unlike cash, it cannot be counterfeited.


Bitcoin is global! No matter where you live. You can use bitcoins anywhere in the world, as long as you have a telephone reception or an Internet connection. Journey to the four corners of the sphere without having to alter currency.


Bitcoin is updatable. Bitcoin can be improved or updated with an unlimited number of new features. Like many new technologies, Bitcoin is managed by a powerful computer program. Just like the apps in the AppStore, if you are thinking of improvement, you can set it up and share it with everyone. For example, imagine that your fridge has its own Bitcoin account to buy your milk when you run out automatically.