Discover different extensions of Chambrelan

First is a partial extension

 It is a pair of beams drawer guide that offers a partial extension of around 2/3 of its rolled-up length, an area of the moving beam needs to stay at intervals the fastened beam.

You can also discover their partial extension on their website. There you will get to see different products like heavy-duty drawers slides and many more.

Next is full extension

It is three beams heavy duty drawer slides that offer a full extension of a total of 100 percent of its rolled-up length. The intermediate beam always permits the whole extension.

Another one is overextension

It is a four beams drawer slide that offers associate over-extension with 150% of the rolled-up length due to the two intermediate beams. Discover their overextension at the Chambrelan website.

Chambrelan product – D402

 It a pair of beam anodized metal slides, offers a partial extension. compact, its slippy action is especially regular, sleek, and quiet. Contact it’s supposed for light-weight duty masses.

 About its fantastic features

  • Recommended lengths in inches is ~6 – ~25 5/8
  • Load per try on-axis (lbs) is twenty-nine – seventy-three
  • Bottom mounting potential, max. load per try (lbs): thirty-one

The custom rails

  • The chamberlain cabinet slide has a lock-in extended position D402V
  • The Chambrelan drawer slide has lock-in closed position D402F
  • The Chambrelan heavy duty drawer slide has locked in each closed & extended position

The D402VF

Cabinet drawer slide with the double extension D402DD

Drawer glide with clastic D46

Other different materials on the website are:

Drawer slide significant duty Anodized metal R28

Drawer slide significant duty chrome steel ST38

Other different extensions :

First is drawer slide Full extension D444

The second is guide rail D409-AL40

There are also miscellaneous things such as mounting accessories, bespoke lubrication, custom lengths and strokes, custom drilling, and other coatings