Fix bifold closet doors yourself at home

Before fixing bifold closet doors you should know that what it is? These doors are useful for small rooms like closets, laundry rooms, or pantries. Whenever there is a need for folding panels then they are also allowed full access to the stuff. If you have chosen bifold doors, then you may know that these are highly secure doors. These doors include many locking points across the structure them some of the most secure patio doors are also there in the market. These types of doors should be fitted to enclosed the tracks so intruders can gain by lifting them out of their track.You can follow some steps below that how to fix bifold closet doors at home

Follow these steps

Before fixing the bifold closet doors you will need some things or tools to solve the problem. Tools required are a screwdriver, straight edge, tape measures, utility knife, and some screws.

Now the first will be to check the type of closet door you have. There are many types of closet doors available in the market. The bifold and sliding doors are usually practical, require less space, and are seen in every house.

Now the closet door should be closed and, measure the gap. Make sure that the highest and lowest points of the jamb should have the same length. Now look for the top pivot bracket, and lose the screws. Now move the closet door to the direction needed to align with the jamb and tighten all the screws. Repeat the same steps and check if the problem is solved or not and, lift the bottom pivot to the direction of the jamb and set it into the next adjacent tooth if the gap is more significant.