Wealth management for developers, by developers – Bambu

API Library is an open library of standard Digital Wealth building blocks. Acquire what you employ easily as it is searchable. Wealth management is sorted into supported options, it’s supporting.

It is always simplified straightforward as basics.

The explanation of what every API will and knowledge table explaining every field.

Bambu wealth management API assortment

Bambu’s API Library is full of a spread of with-it tools designed to form wealth management straightforward for advisors and their shoppers. Discover a spread that you’ll increase your arsenal for higher, quicker results.

Calculators and rebalancing

Calculate your retirement goals, house cost accounting, child’s education, and a lot of. Provide recommendations to enhance portfolio performance once there’s an adrift because of the market movements.

Get more graphs and health checks

Compute the projection of portfolio and goals at intervals a mere amount supported money market and country knowledge. Track goals and supply recommendations on the way to apportion cash across multiple goals. You can display general info bearing on the countries like dialing codes, currency codes, country flags, and a lot of.

Know about the world’s wealthy tech company- Bamb

bambu could be a Fintech company that develops technology for money establishments. Their platform helps end-users save and invest for his or her future. Thus they tend to wish to suppose they are serving individuals in tiny ways that. The arrangement for North American country is to form the platform intelligent piece-by-piece, to assist individuals to manage their outlay and cash each day.