acrylic desk dividers singapore

All you must know about acrylic desk dividers singapore

The acrylic desk dividers singapore are a quick and easy way to create more defined workstations while also protecting staff from pathogens. Acoustic panels make up our office dividers, which help employees stay focused and productive in a busy open-plan workplace.

Antimicrobial fabric, for example, may be used to cover partitions, helping to regulate smell and hinder bacterial development.

Whether employees are seated or standing at their desks, the glass screens at the top of the barrier provide protection and visibility.

What are the benefits of table divider panels?

You can feel confident that you’re getting the finest quality, most precisely-cut table divider panel in Singapore and abroad, thanks to them for more than two decades of experience in all things acrylic, including desk dividers for social distance.

The acrylic shields for preventing virus spread in the office are also extremely adaptable because:

  • Panels may be made to any size that you need.
  • You may choose a transparent acrylic shield in 3mm or 5mm thickness.
  • They’re simple to repair.
  • Ideal for use in offices, restaurants, food courts, coffee shops, and other establishments.
  • They’re ideal for small, cramped spaces.

Features to look for:

  • Transparent and frosted variants are available.
  • Acrylic or toughened glass are both options.
  • Weighted top and base mount that holds all sorts of floors
  • Tool for application

Important advantages include:

  • Stops infectious diseases from spreading.
  • Acoustic characteristics promote concentration and productivity by defining workspaces amongst employees.
  • Above the cloth panels, glass screens offer visibility.