Marianne Wells Yoga School

Becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor to Run a Marathon

Ultra distance running can be useful from a fitness point of view, but it is more likely that you want to run a marathon so that you can enjoy the sense of accomplishment that will come once you cross over the finish line. However, considering the sheer length of even the shortest of marathons, you might not want to try running one without preparing your body for the extreme amount of physical exertion that it is about to endure. First time marathon runners often suffer debilitating injuries because they did not take this activity as seriously as they should have, and you don’t want to find yourself among their sorry group.

The folks over at Marianne Wells Yoga School have several training courses that can be ideal for someone who wants to train for a marathon. The reason behind this is that these yoga classes can introduce your body to a higher level of strain than it might be used to, but not so suddenly that it would buckle under the pressure. Instead, your body is exposed to strain in a very gradual and soft handed manner, and that makes you better able to keep yourself upright when you enter the last leg of the race.

This is especially useful for people who are currently in the worst shape of their lives and they want to improve their fitness so that they can enjoy the runner’s high that ensues subsequent to the completion of a marathon. Failing to prepare for the marathon with yoga can lead to complications like knee dislocations that might make it necessary to get expensive and invasive reconstructive surgeries in the long run.